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ProudDAF: because your pride is worth sharing

Familiar with that special DAF feeling? Read the stories and share your own DAF pride!

Needless to say, here at DAF we are proud of our products, our services and our history. After all, the passion of our 10,000 employees around the world goes into every DAF truck we sell.

In turn, these employees are proud of the contribution they make to DAF's success. Whether they work in the factories, the distribution centres or the offices.

That same feeling of pride can also be found in our drivers, customers, dealers and suppliers. Anyone who is familiar with DAF also knows that special DAF feeling. It's the foundation on which prosperous, lasting relationships and numerous remarkable stories are built.

All of these stories deserve to be told. Also, your pride is worth sharing. Read the stories, share your pride!


Read the stories and share the pride!


Stunning DAF XF 530 for Mark Steward Transport

Working at our purchasing department


Berthold Winkler is a truck driver for Bertschi in Schwitzerland

Lisa - Cabin factory


Would you like to see your story online?

Send us your DAF story and we will share your pride.


DAF supplier - Clothing Network GmbH

"We hope to realize many more Clothing Collections in the future together with DAF!"


ProudDAF Harrie Kanters

"A big smile and thumps up!"

"After several years of trying to participate in the truck driving experience for DAF employees, I finally succeeded. I was very well entertained and was allowed to drive the coolest DAFs (see photo). The whole day gave me a sense of pride to be able to experience this as an employee. The resulting smile is still on my face. A big thumps up! Let’s go for 2019!"

Harrie Kanters
Allround logistic employee, DAF Trucks N.V.


“I’m proud to have DAF on my shirt”

I just love my job! I’m a service driver at DAF in Birtley and hoping to progress to driver trainer soon. I love the DAF product. It’s just so user friendly and I’ve always found it to be of superior quality. I’ve driven all makes and models so I’m not just a DAF only driver.

I’ve driven the trucks in lots of aspects of jobs so I know what I like: DAF is the choice I would make if I was buying for myself. I’m proud to have DAF on my shirt as I do my day to day work, which is a different day every day. This keeps me busy and I’m genuinely happy at work! 

Andy Kennedy
Service Driver, DAF Birtley

Andy Kennedy